Middara: Unintentional Malum - The Complete Trilogy

Created by Succubus Publishing

An epic adventure for 1-4 players set in a unique alternate world fantasy setting.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Act 1 Adventure Book Translation News
4 days ago – Thu, Nov 26, 2020 at 01:07:01 AM

Just a quick update for you guys and gals.

Regarding the Adventure Book translations, we've asked our main group of translators to commit to a deadline of December 15th, 2020 to have everything ready and they have agreed.

As of this date, we will have the entire Adventure Book translated and transposed into Spanish, French, and German, at which point we will begin uploading the free PDFs to our website in the downloads section.

We were prepared to release these PDFs weeks ago but realized that some updates to specifc Encounters from our 1.1 Update were not included in the version of the Adventure Book that we'd submitted to our translators. In essence, we had to submit the updated files and have the translators cross-reference any changes.

For the Italian version, this is still being worked on. The narrative portion of the entire game is complete + drafts of all Encounters in Chapters 1,2, and 3. Once the Encounters are completed and the narrative is proofread, we will begin transposing everything into a PDF and uploading to the website.

Using our Discord, we'd like to eventually create dedicated channels to each respective region with the intent of gaining feedback on these translations so that we can make sure they are as accurate as possible. 

We feel that Middara has been a collaboration between us as creators and you as the backer since the beginning and languages outside of English should be no exception to this.

We hope that for now this answers some of your immediate questions regarding the translations

That's it for today! Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for reading our update!

MPC Arrival!
10 days ago – Fri, Nov 20, 2020 at 09:55:12 AM

Hey, Backers! Brooklynn here.

We got our hands on the manufacturer proof copy (MPC) of Middara and the rest of Wave 1. These copies of the product represent the home stretch and really are "what you see is what you get."

Everything looks really great!

We are thoroughly examining the MPC so that we know everything is in order. Once we approve this, we move on to the assembly process, and then we start shipping the games overseas!

We're working from home these days due to Covid, so please excuse the music. Gotta keep those tunes on to give us hype. 

 We're still expecting a February 2021 delivery!

 Just a recap of what is included in Wave 1:

  • Middara Unintentional Malum : Act 1
  • KS1 Promo Pack
  • Playmats
  • 1.1 Update Pack
  • All 10 Resin Kits
  • Extra Dice
  • Art Book Vol. 1

Also included in Wave 1, but not featured in this video:

  • 1.1  Updated Adventure Book
  • 1.1 Extra Rulebook
  • Promotional Etched Dice

Also, if you have game questions, comments, concerns, anything, make sure to join our Discord channel! It's very active with tons of knowledgable players giving feedback daily!

A Shout-Out To Friends!

Death Goddess Izanami!

Axis Mundi is slaying it with their Kickstarter that went live yesterday! The Japanese Queen of the Underworld really gives me a sense of omnipotence distilled into a Resin kit. It looks impressive to say the least. I wanted to give our friends over there a shout out as their new anime game, Sankokushin is on the horizon. A game I’m very excited to see more of.

For those that read through our narrative story during our Kickstarter, Tomoe was their original character, one we were happy to have as part of our campaign. She will be featured in Sankokushin and we cannot wait to learn more about her.

Thanks for checking out our update! Our next update will be covering new content and keeping everyone up to date about delivery.

Stay Sexy!

Production Well Underway!
about 1 month ago – Wed, Oct 28, 2020 at 03:08:37 AM

Brooklyn Here!

Middara is deep in the production cycle and is looking awesome! Our manufacturer is absolutely killing it on communication and making sure that they can fulfill the game within our current timeline.

You can check out some of the images they sent us this week!

So. Many. Cards.
All the armor you'd ever need
Books before they're bound.

This means that an Feburary delivery is on the horizon! We’re currently gearing up to prepare all of our wave 1 content to be sold on our website. This is a huge milestone for us and we’re very excited to deliver Middara 1.1.

Playtesting, Discord, and a Creative Community!

Remi daring to descend the depths of the Pit Boss

Our Discord has been invaluable to us. A Digital Tabletop is the way to go for playtesting large and varied games like Middara. For these reasons, we will be setting up a playtest schedule for most if not all future content we produce here at Succubus Publishing. This will allow us to catch complex interactions between abilities, spelling errors, and improve our encounter design.

If you’re interested in participating, giving feedback, and helping us make the best dungeon crawl ever, go ahead and join our Discord Channel. Right now we’re using Table Top Simulator. Unfortunately this cost money to use, but our Mod is a free download.

Our Playtesting will be about two months per product with some being live shorter and others being live longer. After the Playtest, we’ll gather all the feedback on BGG and Discord and make sure that any issues are resolved.

Itlum Mask, to protect yourself against the deadly miasma.

Currently, we plan on having additional Bounty Packs and Pirates of Elenia up for playtesting first. While the exact date hasn’t been determined, we will make sure to announce it on our Discord, so don’t forget to join up!

This is a great way to preview future content. In addition, I’m sure our Discord members can back me up when I say that we really do listen and include good ideas and fixes recommended by our playtesters. We have plenty of individuals who have seen their own ideas and mechanics come to life in Middara already in just the base game.

A Group of Adlet Drudge defending their Itlum Mines

Of course, with all that said, we’ll be posting illustrations, previews, and other news here on Kickstarter as well! So if you have no interest in the dirty trenches of game design, you can just sit back and get the tuned pretty highlights on Kickstarter. That way, you can enjoy all the good stuff while keeping the bitter taste of the grossest design mistakes away from your gaming palate.

So Many Cool Kickstarters!

Just a personal observation, I’ve been keeping up with The King of Average on youtube. Boy, oh boy is there a ton of cool Kickstarters running right now. Some are veteran titans in the industry and some are new creators trying to see their dreams.

We don’t make any money or have any affiliation with them, but Townsfolk Tussle really deserves some love. I backed it day 1 with my own money. Those creative peeps got a really special looking game over there. At the very least, I haven't seen a board game that looks like theirs. It will be a shining gem amongst the disproportionate lineup of grimdark fantasy games on my shelf.

Many of our friends in the industry have been hustling hard to see their dreams too. Filippo and Emiliano over at Dark Gate Games just got the re-launch of Neo-Morphosis going and I'm excited to see their game come to fruition! If you need more of that cooperative sci-fi miniature madness in your life go check it out! They might even put a gritty Nyx in their sci-fi world!

Ludus Magnus Studios has Nova Aetas: Renaissance running too! No matter how many of these story driven games keep coming, I’ll never get my fill of historical-fiction story driven cooperative miniature game morsels. Honestly, as a dungeon master, It’s very refreshing to have other’s take the stage and perform for me. So keep them coming!

And of course, Darkest Dungeon? What?! Perhaps one of the kings of Grimdark Fantasy on PC, there is no better time to put a board game at the top of that growing shelf of spooky fantasy games with dark line-art and desaturated colors. If you haven’t played Darkest Dungeon on PC, you are doing yourself a disservice. To be serenaded by the decadent chocolate covered voice of Wayne June is reason alone to play the game. It will undoubtedly make a wonderful board game.

While I await the arrival of this game, I'll certainly take the time to relax and give myself...

“A moment of respite, a chance to steel one-self against the coming horrors.” -Narrator

That's it for now. We got lots to show off in the coming months. In the mean time, stay sexy! 

Quick Progress Update!
about 1 month ago – Sat, Oct 17, 2020 at 12:24:29 AM

What's up, you sexy people? Alex here.

Just wanted to give you all a quick update on the project!

Right now, mass production of Wave 1 is going smoothly and all our latest timelines are on point. We're expecting the games to start hitting the high seas in late November / early December.

We're still expecting you all to receive your rewards by February 2021.

Important Information Regarding Address Changes 

Right now, the pledge manager is locked up and all shipping information has been forwarded to our fulfillment center. This means that you'll no longer be able to edit your address in Backerkit.

If you plan on moving between now and February 2021 and need to change your address, please email help@funagainlogistics.com with your address change request and they will take care of you!


Right now the entire Adventure Book has been fully translated and transposed into German, French, and Spanish. We're just about ready to share those PDFs with you. There are just some last minute revisions we are making to some Encounters to keep them in line with the 1.1 Update before we release these.

The Italian version is coming along nicely but is still a ways out. We are expecting it to be ready by the delivery in February.

We will be posting an update on the German, French, and Spanish translations once we get the files back from our translators!

What's the plan for Wave 1? Will I still be able purchase anything I missed?

Yes! Right now, our plan is to open up our webstore on succubuspublishing.com and start selling everything from Wave 1 right off the website in February.

Since the vast majority of our customers come from the US or Europe, we are planning on warehousing inventory in the US and in the EU (and potentially the UK as well).

Wave 2 and Beyond

For being a "reprint", Wave 1 turned out to be much more work than we had planned on. Partly because Brooklynn and I have been in the mindset that we always need to be bootstrapping everything. We've done things a certain way for so long that it's hard to shift gears and allow others to help us.

Taking feedback and improving Act 1 was really important to us and we were afraid to not be a part of every aspect of the 1.1 version, however mundane certain aspects may be. From proofreading, to packaging files, to graphic design, we found ourselves trying to do it all. All this did was create a bottleneck where everything moved slowly. This is partly why is took us so long to decide that we needed a professional editor to go through everything for us.

Regardless, with Wave 1 out of the way, we are 100% focused on game design and development from here on out and we're making some serious strides in Wave 2 that we're very excited to show off.

By early November, we're hoping to have a significant update on what to expect from the Wave 2 expansions and you can expect nothing less than wild and wacky monsters, mechanics, Encounters, and surprises.

Thats it for today, and thanks again for your support!

Recapping Important Information Regarding The Pledge Manager
3 months ago – Tue, Sep 08, 2020 at 12:52:43 AM

Hey everyone, Alex here.

I just wanted to post a quick update reminding you all of the important dates regarding the pledge manager.

As most of you know, we've recently unlocked the pledge manager to allow backers to add any last minute Wave 1 add-ons to their order.

We will be closing the pledge manager tomorrow, Tuesday September 8th at 10PM MST.

Please get anything else you need before this timeframe as this will be your last chance before Wave 1 delivery to do so.

All cards will be charged on Thursday September 10th.

Second attempts for failed cards will be run on Thursday September 17th.

Payments must be finalized by Thursday September 17th. If payments are not finalized on additional add-ons, your order will revert to its original status before this re-opening and you won't receive your additional add-ons.

You will still be able to freely edit your address up until October 1st, after this, we will be locking addresses and will will begin organizing our fulfillment strategy.

If you will be moving between October 2020 and February 2021, please don't worry.

We will be providing contact information for our fulfillment center in a later update for you to contact them directly and change your address!

Instructions on adding your add-ons and editing your address:

From your survey confirmation link, please click on "Edit Your Address" which will take you to the page where you can add "add-ons". The button on this page will say "Edit Add-Ons". Please note that you cannot update your existing add-ons but can only add additional items.

If you cannot find your survey link, try locating it using: https://middara-trilogy.backerkit.com and entering the email address you've used to pledge with on Kickstarter.

Wave 2

For anyone that missed anything included on Wave 2, we will be selling all of those add-ons later on in a similar way by unlocking the pledge manager. We don't have a confirmed date on when this will happen but we will keep you updated as we progress through development of those products.

That's it for today!