Middara: Unintentional Malum - The Complete Trilogy

Created by Succubus Publishing

An epic adventure for 1-4 players set in a unique alternate world fantasy setting.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Recapping Important Information Regarding The Pledge Manager
16 days ago – Tue, Sep 08, 2020 at 12:52:43 AM

Hey everyone, Alex here.

I just wanted to post a quick update reminding you all of the important dates regarding the pledge manager.

As most of you know, we've recently unlocked the pledge manager to allow backers to add any last minute Wave 1 add-ons to their order.

We will be closing the pledge manager tomorrow, Tuesday September 8th at 10PM MST.

Please get anything else you need before this timeframe as this will be your last chance before Wave 1 delivery to do so.

All cards will be charged on Thursday September 10th.

Second attempts for failed cards will be run on Thursday September 17th.

Payments must be finalized by Thursday September 17th. If payments are not finalized on additional add-ons, your order will revert to its original status before this re-opening and you won't receive your additional add-ons.

You will still be able to freely edit your address up until October 1st, after this, we will be locking addresses and will will begin organizing our fulfillment strategy.

If you will be moving between October 2020 and February 2021, please don't worry.

We will be providing contact information for our fulfillment center in a later update for you to contact them directly and change your address!

Instructions on adding your add-ons and editing your address:

From your survey confirmation link, please click on "Edit Your Address" which will take you to the page where you can add "add-ons". The button on this page will say "Edit Add-Ons". Please note that you cannot update your existing add-ons but can only add additional items.

If you cannot find your survey link, try locating it using: https://middara-trilogy.backerkit.com and entering the email address you've used to pledge with on Kickstarter.

Wave 2

For anyone that missed anything included on Wave 2, we will be selling all of those add-ons later on in a similar way by unlocking the pledge manager. We don't have a confirmed date on when this will happen but we will keep you updated as we progress through development of those products.

That's it for today! 

An Update about the Update Pack
27 days ago – Thu, Aug 27, 2020 at 11:49:34 PM

Hey everyone, Brooklynn here.

We’ve had enough people asking about the Update Pack that I thought I could give you a solid breakdown of what the Update Pack is, and what to expect.

Who gets the Update Pack?

First off, for all those who are new backers. If you pledged at any level that included Middara, then everything listed in this Kickstarter Update is baked into the product you’ve already purchased. Meaning, that the Update Pack isn’t something you need as you will already have a form of its content included in your pledge.

The Update Pack is relevant for returning backers only. In addition, this Update Pack is a freebie that is part of the Returning to the Portal Pledge levels. Meaning, if you backed at this level, you will be getting this Update Pack at no extra charge.

1.1 Update Pack

What is the Update Pack?

The Update Pack is a box that contains all the updated material for returning backers to easily and effectively bring their original copy of Middara (The one sold on our first Kickstarter) and anything else they purchased on that Kickstarter to match the new printing we will be delivering in Wave 1, sometime in February. This Update Pack will be included in Wave 1, meaning if you backed us at a "Returning To The Portal" level or purchased the Update Pack as an add-on, you will be getting it sometime in February.

This product contains a new set of all the cards. This means that you will receive a giant box that contains a reprint of every single card in the base game. This means every large 5x6 sized card, every mini american card, every standard euro sized card, and every tarot card (Over 872 cards total!).

While not every card has changed, the reason for replacing every card is multifaceted. First, it's easier for you to simply replace everything than to dig through each and every card to update individual pieces. Second, it allows us some logistical leeway to take the cards on the new printing, print extra, and put them into a different box. This ensures that the new cards are indeed exact copies of the cards going into the new printed versions of Middara.

We’ve also included an updated set of the three promotional character cards, Nyx, Black Wolf, and Shayliss, and the 2-3 player variant cards from the first Kickstarter. Lastly, the Alternate Art cards included in the Artbook have also been included in the Update Pack as a last minute addition to ensure that all your cards are up to date.

Note: Any cards requiring updates from the Story Pack Pirates of Elenia will be delivered to original backers when we finally release that product on our next wave.

In addition to these new sets of cards, the Update Pack contains a booklet. This booklet exists so that we can compile information updated in the Rule Book and Adventure Book. The information in question is only the information that we deemed had relevant mechanical differences. What this means is that Encounters that have been significantly updated in the new printing have a new version also printed in this Update Pack. Likewise, new sections of the Rule Book and Updated rules have been added to this Update Pack Booklet.

In practice, this means that returning backers can reference Encounters, Diagrams, and new Rules in the Update Booklet as needed when playing Middara.

You can find a Print and Play PDF of the Update Booklet here.

Lastly, the Update Pack contains any new items we’ve included in the Middara base game. This includes new/updated tokens, plastic stands for our standees, and a pad of adventure sheets for the campaign.

 What’s changed between the first printing and this new one? 

The list of changes is both subtle and exhaustive. Our first changelog was over 20 pages. Posting it all here doesn’t make sense. In addition, linking it wouldn’t be fair as it’s since been made out of date due to even further changes being made. However, I will explain what has changed with broad strokes.

  •  Editing: We hired an editor to make a passthrough of the entire Adventure Book. This has produced minor grammatical changes and spelling fixes. We also fixed spelling errors on a myriad of cards including Items, Command Cards, the Rulebook, and any other errors found that have been reported to us. Any editing made to cards, problematic encounters, and significant rules has been included in the Update Pack.
  •  Errata: Any Errata printed on the website at http://succubuspublishing.com/errata/ is included in this Update Pack.
  • Alongside our community we identified a myriad of required changes. Changes consisted of a combination of blatant errors, unintended abusable combinations, original design intents missing the mark, power levels being off, math issues, general balance, and long term scaling for future content calling into question original concepts.
    •  The game is more difficult: We believe that Middara's default difficulty is too easy. After Chapter 1 the Intelligent Combatants drop off quickly as clever players put together incredibly efficient and complex builds. Instead of nerfing builds (in most cases), we've opted to identify why the game was too easy outside of player customization and tune there. However, with that said, many of the rule book changes we made to make the game harder have had their original rules moved to the “Alternate Rule” section in the back of the rule book so that you can still play them if you want an easier experience.
    •  Combat Hit Percentages Tuned: Intelligent Combatants didn't get to activate as often as we'd like. We've fixed this by changing how Initiative works and upping the total HP Intelligent Combatants have as the game progresses beyond Chapter 1.
    •  Removed many Items that gave free Dodges: Dodge was too strong. This has been addressed by reducing the prevalence of Dodge on Items as well as nerfing some key items for builds that abused this.
    •  Made hard counters to magic: Not enough counters to magic-heavy builds. We've fixed this by adding some abilities to Intelligent Combatants that interact with spellcasters as well as adding abilities that take advantage of spells. Lastly, the math on Conviction Dice has been re-checked and many Intelligent Combatants have benefited as we've found that their Conviction Dice were too low for their tier. (Though in some cases Adventurers have benefited as Force Values have gone down on some Intelligent Combatants.)
    •  Hit percentages were generally too low on higher lvl Combatants: This was a mistake we made shortly before we went to print. I (Brooklynn) removed some key mechanics that were there for a reason and that shouldn't have been removed. To fix this, we've swapped out Combat Dice on many Intelligent Combatants after Chapter 1 to be more appropriate for their tier. For those curious, the general design philosophy is that we want an Intelligent Combatant to be able to hit you on a statistical average if you don't Dodge, and miss you if you do. For those past Chapter 2, you've probably noticed that many Combatants don't hit you even when you don't Dodge. This has been fixed.
    •  Added combatants that scale: We've added tougher versions of Intelligent Combatants that already exist in the game. The tougher versions are lore appropriate and not every Combatant has this "alternate" version. As you progress through the story, you'll swap out monsters you've already fought with tougher versions that have their Stats go up.
    •  Fixed abused Disciplines: Some builds were abusable or being used in a way that wasn’t intended. We’ve addressed every Discipline and using feedback from our active community made a myriad of changes to keep each and every Discipline a competitive pick through the entirety of Act 1.
    •  Tuned nearly every Item: Some Items were not getting picked. We’ve fixed this by identifying weapons that weren’t as useful and buffed them. Alternatively, many weapons saw a nerf due to abuse or busted combinations.
    •  Took a second look at every major Boss Encounter: Boss battles were particularly problematic. Some worked great, others weren’t clear enough or were easily abused. We’ve gone through the game and tweaked nearly every major boss battle to ensure they’re challenging.
    •  Rule Book Changes: Many rules have been examined and updated, clarified, or appended as needed. The biggest changes come in the form of how we handle Upgrades, Summoning, Action timing, Scaling Icons, and Combatant Tokens. If you already know how to play Middara, you’ll still know how to play Middara. Most of the Rule Changes are being made with a very detail-oriented community in mind. Due to the vast build possibilities and play styles that Middara offers, many changes (not related to direct math or the new initiative) might not even be noticed by groups thirty or forty hours in. If you’re interested in the specifics that have changed in the rule book we recommend checking out the linked Change Log above and the linked Update Pack PDF. We contain every single rule that saw a significant change inside of the Update Booklet PDF.

       With all the above changes made to the game we deemed it much easier to replace every card than try and keep track of each individual change amongst our 800+ cards. If you want to see the incredible in-depth discussion happening around Middara, go check out our Discord here. Our active community is playing the game on Table Top Simulator and helping us make it better daily.


Is there a Change Log or Print and Play?

You can find the Print and Play here. However, we have one more update to these files coming out that will reflect the final files going to print. This is a large project and I haven’t gotten around to uploading the newest Print and Play. I’ll work to have this done by the end of September. However, the version uploaded currently does contain the vast majority of the changes we’ve made. If you already printed out everything, know that you still have far and away everything you need. If you must, I recommend reprinting Boss Encounters and related Cards.

Unfortunately, early on I deemed the Change Log too time-intensive to upkeep. This is something that I regret doing and have since doubled down and made sure to keep the log updated. This means that the newest Change Log (posted here) contains all the changes made and dated since the currently posted Print and Play. It’s possible some changes slipped through the cracks between the creation of this Change Log and the original uploading of the Print and Play. We apologize to anyone who is inconvenienced by this and will ensure that the Change Log is kept up to date moving forward.

We will ensure that an update is put out when the final Print and Play is posted.


I just wanted to personally thank all our backers who helped us make this game a reality. In addition, I wanted to thank all those in the TTS and BGG communities. The TTS and BGG community has done a service for everyone who will ever play Middara by providing their dedication, feedback, and time. Their constant challenge to our designs have truly helped forge what we believe is one of the best dungeon crawl board games ever made. Certainly a game with as much customization as Middara could never truly be made balanced without the help of so many passionate fans. 

We love you guys and girls and hope that when you see something you suggested make it into our game, you can feel like this project is truly built by the love of everyone who plays it and not just those who work here at Succubus Publishing.

Thanks, and we will talk to you soon!

Unlocking of the PM Before Shipping
28 days ago – Wed, Aug 26, 2020 at 03:01:59 PM

Hey everyone!

We wanted to start by saying that we appreciate all the comments and feedback on our last update. It's not easy for us to announce delays on the delivery of our project, but it's nice to see that we have a vibrant and active community that still supports us.

We took what you have said to heart and have decided to unlock the pledge manager for a limited time before we ultimately lock addresses and begin the transition into shipping and fulfillment.

Just a quick note, while we are unlocking the pledge manager briefly, we won't be allowing new backers in or selling any pledge levels, just accessories!

The idea is to allow backers and current pre-order customers to add any last minute Wave 1 items onto their order before shipping begins. 

For anyone reading this wondering how they can get the game, we will be selling all Wave 1 items again as we approach our delivery date of February 2021, so don't worry!

A few things to note regarding the unlocking of the pledge manager...

First off, a new add-on will be available:

Middara Unintentional Malum Act 1 Adventure Book

We are offering the fully edited Adventure Book at a discount for returning backers (or anyone that wants it). 

This add-on will also include free shipping worldwide.

We can't quite give the book away for free but we tried our best to offer this add-on in the most affordable way possible.

To be clear. The edits we've done in the Adventure Book won't affect a change in content, plot, characterization, etc. Instead, it focuses on grammatical mistakes being fixed. This will include the occasional sentence structure. But is primarily focused on spelling errors and the like.

Also, this Adventure Book add-on is not necessary for anyone that pledged for the Base Game during this campaign. Your game will already include this book. This add-on is primarily for backers of our first campaign that want the updated Adventure Book.

We are also going to be making the resin kits available for this short unlocking of the pledge manager.

These resins were somewhat of an experiment for us and for that reason, are very limited. If you really want them, snag them now because we aren't sure when we'll do another print of these.

Casual Nightingale

Casual Zeke

Casual Remi

Casual Rook

Dreamwalker Lymn

Tomoe The Lost

Count Dalv

The Coven Mother

High Priestess Circe

Girtiya The Imprisoned Witch
Resin Kit 10 Pack

What else will be available for last minute add-ons:

1.1 Rulebook

1.1 Update Pack

Note: For those unsure what the Update Pack contains, go ahead and check out the complete PDF of the Update Pack book here. It does detail everything you'd need to know to play with the new 1.1 Update. This includes new encounters, rules, and cards.

KS1 Promo Pack

Playmats (Set of 4)
Extra Dice (Set of 17)

Etched Dice (Set of 17)
Art Book Vol. 1
5 x 6 Sleeves

Note: For a few logistical reasons, we aren't offering the Base Game as an add-on right now, but it will become available again once we get closer to shipping for anyone that wants it! 

Be sure to check our KS updates for more info leading into that!

Instructions on adding your add-ons

From your survey confirmation link, please click on "Edit Your Address" which will take you to the page where you can add "add-ons". The button on this page will say "Edit Add-Ons". Please note that you cannot update your existing add-ons but can only add additional items.

If you cannot find your survey link? Try locating it using: https://middara-trilogy.backerkit.com and entering the email address you've used to pledge with on Kickstarter.

Important dates and information

The pledge manager will be open from: Tuesday 8/25 - Tuesday 9/8 @ 10PM MST

Paypal is disabled. You must use a credit card. This is a Backerkit requirement to unlock the PM. Sorry for the inconvenience here!

Backers may add items to their pledge at their leisure. 

All late backers and pre-order customers will need to create a brand new order to add these items. You can do this by using this link: https://middara-trilogy.backerkit.com/hosted_preorders

Orders will be locked on Wednesday 9/9 and cards will be run on 9/10.

Second attempts for failed cards will be run on 9/17.

Payments must be finalized by Tuesday 9/17. If payments are not finalized on additional add-ons, your order will revert to its original status before this re-opening and you won't receive your additional add-ons.

Addresses must be finalized by 10/1.

To change your address, follow the same process as shown above for add-ons.

Of course, if you have issues, email us at support@succubuspublishing.com.

Thanks everyone!! We hope you have an excellent week!

Wave 1 Production and Delivery Timeline
about 1 month ago – Sat, Aug 15, 2020 at 12:02:14 AM

Hey everyone, Brooklynn here! What a crazy year! Alex and I have had our heads down doing what we can to push through production challenges, organize feedback from our Table Top Simulator (TTS) community, and make sure that the product we’re delivering is as good as it can be.

The Pre-Production Copy (PPC) of the entire first wave finally arrived over a month ago. We only wait this long to post an update to ensure that all the information from our manufacturer was accurate. However, we now feel very confident in our timelines and personal deadlines.

First of all, we wanted to own up to a mistake we made. We underestimated how long the Digital Proofing process would take. Since we had submitted files for the same game previously, we figured it would make the proofing process easier. It did not. Unfortunately, our decision to make so many updates and fixes to files only added to the workload and confusion. This ended up having the opposite effect and we found ourselves spending over two months more than expected ensuring that all the files were correct, edited, and ready to be printed.

In addition, another choice on our end added yet another delay.

After submitting files to our manufacturer we had a span of time while we waited on the PPC to arrive. During this time I was able to dig into our game and listen to feedback from our TTS community. They have provided an incredible amount of invaluable feedback for Middara. We really appreciate their time, hard work, and dedication to help us make the best miniatures dungeon crawl board game.

Using all this feedback, I implemented a vast amount of updates to our digital files when the approval date on our PPC arrived. This allowed me to not only update many quirks about Middara, but also do so without adding significant time to our delivery timeline.

With that said, I did feel that something that would add to our timeline deserved to be fixed before delivering the game. Specifically, a professional line editor. Middara has a lot of text, over 230,000 words in fact. While the game is perfectly playable without fixing all our sentence structures, it felt very unprofessional. Knowing this was something I wanted to fix, I got a professional company (one that specializes in novels) to work on Middara and all future Middra products.

Originally, their work wasn’t going to be finished in time to make the print version of Middara. However, coupled with the two month delay from Digital Proofing, I came up with a plan. Since grammatically editing our entire narrative would normally set us back longer than would be acceptable I approached our manufacturer for a solution. With some negotiation, our manufacturer has agreed to produce everything except the adventure book in the meantime. This means that once the digital files are approved for the Adventure Book, they’ll throw it into the base game boxes and we’re off to shipping.

Both the mistake made in determining how long it would take to digitally proof our game, and the later decision to include a third party grammatical line edit of our Adventure Book before delivery is entirely on Alex and I. We weighed the pros and the cons and decided that adding time to our delivery schedule was worth having a product that we could truly be happy with.

We understand that many of you are disappointed by this decision, and we do apologize. We also understand that with proper planning this could have been done in a way that wouldn’t have held up the project at all. We’re hoping that with each experience that causes a delay or a mishap, we can ensure that we learn as individuals to avoid the same mistakes and circumvent them in the future.

With all that said, there is plenty of good news to share. The PPC has arrived, the physical and digital files have already been approved, and the game is paid for and currently printing at our manufacturer. In addition, the shipping logistics have already been figured out. This means that we have some concrete dates to share that comes directly from our manufacturer and our shipping company.

Lastly, we’ve completed nearly every CAD for our token upgrade pack. We’ve posted each one here for your consideration.

We appreciate your time and patience and can't wait to get this behemoth of a game into your hands.


Actual Pictures of the PPC
Actual Pictures of the PPC


So many people have asked us for a timeline of the Wave 1 delivery and we can finally give you one.

This is where we're at in the process:

  • Miniatures, Snap Bases, Plastic Trays for minis and snap bases, and neoprene Playmats have all completed mass production or will be finishing shortly.
  • Red decoders, dice, and Etched Dice are finished in mass production.
  • Mass production of the Resin Kits is 85%-90% complete.
  • All other printed components, and the 5x6 sleeves, have been approved for mass production and have either started mass production earlier this week or will begin starting next week.
  • Fully edited Adventure Book will begin mass production on September 1st.

The production timeline given to us by our factories:

  • All remaining printed components : 10 - 12 weeks 
  • Final product assembly : 1.5 - 2 weeks (miniatures are being assembled now so this could be less)
  • Leaving some buffer, the conservative target date for your rewards to leave China: November 27th 
  • When we have tracking of the boat leaving China, we'll be sure to make an announcement!

The shipping timeline given to us by our fulfillment warehouses:

First off, it is important to note that the production delay puts our freight and fulfillment during and after the holidays, which means that shipping lanes are going to be packed and delays at the ports and customs can be expected.   

In addition, many of our fulfillment partners enjoy holiday vacations and fulfillment schedules will most likely be backed up at this time of year.

All things considered, we expect our freight will reach their respective fulfillment depots during the second week of January 2021.    

Considering holiday schedules and potential delays, our fulfillment center has told us that they are confident that they will begin worldwide fulfillment by the first week of February 2021. 

Again, we understand the frustration with this delay, and we own up to it entirely, but we can say with confidence that this timeline is accurate.

THE PPC (Pre-production copies)


The Pre-Production Copy represents a final printing of the game before mass production. This means that this is the closest thing to a final version of our product that we get before giving our manufacturer the greenlight to go into fully printing our entire order. This has already been approved, albeit, after we found some issues and had them fixed.


 The Promo Pack contains all the Esper standup replacements from our first campaign. In addition, it contains the updated tarot sized cards that assist in playing with two or three players. Lastly, there are three Adventure Cards that can be used in the Crawl Mode. Two of these Adventure Cards (Shayliss Arsen and Nyx) will eventually be used in future stories.


Our Update Pack is huge. I’ve personally purchased many games on KS. Some of which have provided updated cards. I’m not a fan of digging through all my cards and picking out the specific ones that require ‘updating’. To get around this, we’ve simply replaced the entire lot of cards in your game. When you receive the Update Pack, you can take every single card from Middara and replace it with every single card from the Update Pack.


Of course… I suppose you need to swap out some status tokens. In either case, the tokens that are not status tokens are new additions to the game.

Lastly, the pad of Adventure Sheets means that you don’t have to print out an Adventure Sheet or mark your Rule Book to play Middara’s Story Mode. Let’s be honest though, this isn’t something I should brag about, it’s something that should have been in the first edition of the game. I apologize for that and hope that this free inclusion can make up for not providing it in the first printing.

Replacing all the cards has allowed us to take any and all the feedback (That we deemed a good idea worth implementing / had the time to implement.) learned from the TTS community and implement it without worry. The Update Pack also contains a significant amount of Rule Book Excerpts from the updated Rule Book. This means that if you didn’t purchase a new Rule Book, you can still play with all the new rules. It might not be as convenient, but it’s still something we wanted to offer.

In fact, you can find the entire 100 page Update Pack Booklet posted here on our website. You can also find a list of all the major changes since taking it to TTS here. Every change listed on this Change Log document made it into the final printing. Any errors found will be added to an Errata at a later date. Lastly, you can find a PDF of the Print Version of the Rule Book here. (Which at the time of this KS Update is the newest Rule Book.)

We wanted to give another special shout out to our wonderful and very active TTS community. If you want to pop in, ask questions, or chat with the community don’t hesitate to grab discord and join the channel here. We pride ourselves on listening to our community and their recommendations. While not every idea can make it into our game, we hope to take many we like and implement them in future products. This includes issues with the game and negative feedback we get. We’ve found that many civil negative comments can be very constructive and have allowed us to learn where we can improve moving forward.

You'll notice damage to the top of the box. This was rectified by increasing the thickness of the box itself (by about 50 GSM), and by adding a plastic tray to add rigidity to the box. This is a perfect example of why a PPC is so important. We don't want your box exploding before it gets to you. 


 As a sleeve snob, I made sure these weren't penny sleeves. They're very nice, probably too nice for something that you don't typically shuffle.


 We’re very proud of our Resin Kits. Making good resin is an uphill battle with so many pitfalls it’s hard to explain each one  without getting bogged down in an NDA. As a very transparent person, it’s been hard to navigate an industry with so many individuals that (rightfully so) work to protect their trade secrets. We’re happy to finally have landed in the wonderful and snuggly arms of Trenchworx. The company is a great example of engineers and artists coming together to create something truly special.

The miniatures are made here in Salt Lake City Utah. The boxes and cards are printed in China. This means that you'll be receiving them separate. Strange, we know. Still, we wanted to give you what we promised. That included a nice box with great looking artwork.

You can find painting videos of our miniatures by James Wappel below. Go check out his blog if you’re interested in the fine art of painting miniatures!

Our resin manufacturer forgot to bring us a Lymn XD
...but here's a painted Lymn!


We had so many cardboard standups in the first edition of Middara. We’re happy to finally be moving forward to offer a plastic miniature alternative to those who want them. Obviously, this was something our Kickstarter backers will get for free.

These are part of the second promobox. While we don’t have an exact date on delivery for these, we wanted to show off the efforts made by our CAD artists. Right now, we're working on beefing up certain details and reconsidering some poses. You can check out their renders below.

Note: some of these renders are colored. These will not be delivered as colored plastic. Instead, these colored renders exist to show off paint schemes and more detail.

Blighted Brute
Blighted Brute
Blighted Brute

Blighted Hendrix
Blighted Hendrix
Brea MacArthur
Brea MacArthur
Breeze The Nymph
Breeze The Nymph
Breeze The Nymph
Whopper the Cave SIckle Warrior
Whopper the Cave SIckle Warrior
Enslaved Spirit Esper
Enslaved Spirit Esper
Enslaved Spirit Esper

Ezra Wulf
Ancient Pixies
Ancient Pixies
Ancient Pixies
Grotesque Effigy Roots
Grotesque Effigy Roots
Possessed Nightingale
Possessed Nightingale
Possessed Nightingale
The Soul Stitcher
The Warden
The Warden
Ursy the Nymph
Ursy the Nymph
Ursy the Nymph
Isla (colorized)


Yosia (colorized)
Yosia (colorized)
Ai Chen screenshot
Ai Chen
Gore Sprouts
Lure Bear
Nail Vessel (colorized)
Nail Vessel
The Pit Boss
Sardonic Vultures

 Concept Art

Below you can find some artwork we've been working on. These are a work in progress. Some, none, or all of it may make it into a final product.

Alternate Damocles
Alternate Effie
Alternate Justice
Alternate Nightingale
Alternate Padric
Alternate Remi
Alternate Rook and Suri

Alternate Zafir

Effie Grand and the Crashed Oppressor
Nightingale Alternate
Nightingale Alternate
Remi Alternate
Justice Alternate
Justice Alternate
Rook Alternate
Lesser Demon Rubicant

 Thanks again for your support and we will talk to you soon!

Progress and Delivery Update!
4 months ago – Sat, Jun 06, 2020 at 01:14:13 AM

Wave 1 Delivery 

Getting right to the point! Wave 1 is set to deliver by late Q3 2020. Again, we thank you for your patience with us. We know that everyone has been affected in their own way from this pandemic and unfortunately, it set our Wave 1 delivery back a bit.

The good news is that China is back in action and things are moving smoothly on the production front!

Here are a couple pictures that our plastics factory sent us of the production!

Thousands of Earth Loas!
...And Shadow Lords!

Need a refresher on what is included with Wave 1?

  • Middara Unintentional Malum : Act 1
  • KS1 Promo Pack
  • Set of Playmats
  • Extra Dice (17 total)
  • Art Book 1
  • 5x6 Card Sleeves
  • 1.1 Update Pack
  • 1.1 Extra Rulebook
  • All Resin Kits
  • Promo Etched Dice

Act 1

Act 1 is looking great thanks to all of your feedback. I know we've been silent for the past few weeks but that doesn't mean we haven't been very busy.  Luckily we've been able to spend this time really hammering out the development of Wave 2 while Wave 1 ties up production.

We will dedicate a full update to our Wave 2 progress later on!

Other than the updates rules and cards in the 1.1 version of Middara Act 1, the box has also been upgraded with a protective storage container that will hold the cards and books so that your copy of Middara arrives in mint condition!

We've also been asked if returning backers will get this storage container. The answer is unfortunately not. There's really no way for us to feasibly provide this. 

Our Broken Token Organizer for Middara Act 1 is set to release by October for those interested.

More information on this later on!

Etched Dice

The Etched Dice are in mass production and will delivered with Wave 1! We've made some adjustments from the first print run to make some of the darker dice more legible!

5x6 Sleeves

We received our PPC of the 5x6 sleeves and they are amazing!

Resin Kits

The Resin Kits are wrapping up production locally here in SLC. We're working towards having the entire lot professionally built and painted. Many of these painters will be streaming the process, we will make sure to post an update and link to their streams when they start the process. 

In the meantime, the people over at Trenchworx threw together a couple to show off last weekend. (The first two miniatures were pics taken with a crappier camera... sorry.)

Since we've been getting a lot of questions about the availability of these Resin Kits, we thought we'd answer that here. 

They are currently unavailable and won't be for sale after Wave 1 delivery right away. We do plan on selling them later on but we date have a firm date on this.

Adventure Book Translations

Just like everything else this year, our translators have hit some delays although they are still hard at work.  At this point, the German, Spanish, and French versions of the Act 1 Adventure Book are fully translated and are now being transposed into PDF form. Our Italian translator has hit a bit more delays but is still cruising along. We will have delivery dates on these when we get them. For now, I would expect them to be ready to go by the Wave 1 delivery at the latest, but could be here as early as July!

Tabletop Simulator

We've been seeing an overwhelmingly positive response to our Middara TTS mod. Our Mod currently has nearly 10,000 Subscribers and our Discord has upwards of 500 people actively chatting! 

It seems to keep everyone busy while we all wait for the delivery of the physical game. 

If you would like to download the free mod and join our discord, you can get to playing here! (link)

Our Discord community has really helped us root out issues, improve balance, and is generally making our game better and better every day. 

We have decided that we'd like to provide the entirety of Act 1 for free on TTS for anyone to enjoy. 

This full release won't happen until after Act 1 has delivered. However, it's something we're actively working towards making a reality. We don't feel that this competes with the purchase of our physical game and in fact, seems to be great marketing for the opposite. Our email has been blowing up with people wanting to get in on our pre-order.

Chapters 1 and 2 are available now and Chapter 3 will be released by the end of next weekend!

The Future of the Middara TTS Mod

We are beginning to really see the value in providing more and more content to our TTS mod. We saw so much invaluable feedback in the last couple of months from everyone playing an emailing us, that we can't ignore the potential of this platform. For those interested, we are considering working with the wonderful Ken Cunningham, to use or TTS mod as a beta playtesting platform for new content. This will include Pirates of Elenia, the new Bounties, Act 2, Act 3, and beyond.

After our very first Middara Kickstarter campaign, to playtest Middara, we would host playtest groups for 4 hours per night, 2 nights per week, with rotating groups totaling about 10 -15 people. Although this was super fun and amazingly useful, the degree and sheer amount of feedback that was provided to us by all of you in the past couple of months alone through TTS has been staggering. 

So we'd like to get your feedback. Would you as a backer be interested in playing new content as a beta-tester on our TTS mod?

Beyond that, what other things would you like to see on TTS? We have ideas of new Crawl Encounters, Episodic stories, and more. Possibly through the use of a Patreon account?

Let us know your thoughts!

 Forteller Audiobook App 

The Middara Act 1 narration audio on the Forteller app will be released for free to all users on Friday, June 12th.

Forteller has also submitted a new build to the app stores that include a feature called Guild Mode. This is a new tool that would allow a host (someone who owns the narration, or in Middara’s case, added the free audio to their account), to invite up to 3 other friends to join a “Guild Session” to listen to playback audio that the host selects, from their own devices. They expedited this feature because of social distancing and this should allow players to enjoy the audio while they play over the internet. This will work great in tandem with our TTS mod.

You can find the Forteller app in your app store or the link here.

Thanks for checking our update and being so patient with us! We really appreciate all of you.